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BOE-230 General Resale Certificate  
BOE-230 E Diesel Fuel Sales Tax Prepayment Exemption Certificate Section 6480.3  

BOE-231-DB Certificate of Exempt Bus Operation
BOE-501-AU User Use Fuel Tax Return​
BOE-400-AV Vendor Use Fuel Tax Return 
BOE-400-UST California Underground Storage Tank and Maintenance Fee Application  
BOE-608 Certificate of Farming Use  
BOE-770-DU Diesel Fuel Claim for Refund on Nontaxable Uses  
BOE-770-DV Diesel Fuel Ultimate Vendor Report/Claim for Refund  
BOE-863-B Notice to International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Carriers  
BOE-531-T Partial Sales Tax Exemption Worksheet​

BOE Partial Sales Tax Exemption 

BOE Special Notice 7/1/14

BOE Special Tax Notice 7/1/15

California Assembly Bill AB 32 Information


Model Certificate M For State Use or Nonprofit Educational Organizatio Use

FedJetExempt-K Federal Model K Certificate for Excise Tax Exemption on Jet Fuel  
FedJetExempt-L Federal Model L Certificate for Excise Tax Exemption on Jet Fuel  
FedDslExempt-P Federal Model P Certificate for Excise Tax Exemption on Diesel  
FedExciseTaxPub Federal Publication 510 - Excise Tax  


Toro Petroleum Credit Application

CFN Access Agreement

I-9 INS Form Federal I-9 INS Form  
Fed W-4 Form​

Fed W-9 Form
Employment Application - Toro Petroleum Employment Application 

CFN/Fleetwide Card Order Form​

TP ACH Authorization Form

TP EFT Authorization Form

TP Equipment Loan Agreement

If you use tax paid fuel for off-road purposes, or if you sell light class diesel at your station, you may be entitled to a refund. Use the forms below to apply to the taxing authority for refund:

Arizona Aviation/Motor Vehicle Fuel Refund Request
Used for refund of nontaxable use of gasoline

Arizona Bulk Purchaser Refund Request (3 Pages)
Used for refund of $0.08 light class differential on bulk purchases. 

Arizona Off-Highway/Reefer Use Fuel Refund Request
Used for refund on nontaxable use of diesel fuel.

Arizona Vendor Use Fuel Refund Request.  Used by gas station dealers of diesel fuel to claim $.08 Tax differential on light class diesel sales.

Arizona Underground Storage Tank Tax Refund Request and Exemption Certificate Application.  Contact Carol Williams directly at Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) for current forms and detailed instructions. You may reach her at 602-771-4850, or 800-234-5677, or by Fax at 602-771-4381 or by e-mail at 

Federal Form 4136 and Instructions (4 pages)
Used for income tax credit of tax on nontaxable use of fuels.

Federal Form 8849
Used for refund on nontaxable use of fuels.

Federal Form 8849 Instructions
Used for refund on nontaxable use of fuels.



Arizona Use-Fuel Vendor License Application
Used to license as a seller of retail diesel or "use" fuel.



AZ Privilege License (Sales) Tax Exemption Certificate - Form 5000                                          Used by entities who will resell the products purchased from Sellers Petroleum, or who are exempt from tax by statute.  Please be sure to fill out each section completely, checking the general exemption that applies, and especially describing the tangible personal property or service that will be purchased.

ral Farm Use Exemption Certificate.  Used to exempt farm accounts from Federal Excise Tax on "Clear Diesel".

Arizona Light Class Declaration
Used by CARDLOCK fuel purchasers to buy diesel use fuel at the light class tax rate.



Imperial County Air Pollution Control District Rules and Regulations                                            PDF document covering Imperial County Rule 415 n


​Imperial County APCD Rules and Regulations 


California Above Ground Storage EVR-1 Notice


California AST EVR-1 Regulations/Certified Equipment - Morrison


California AST EVR-1 Regulations/Certified Equipment - OPW

CARB Diesel Regulations

PETROLEUM INDUSTRY LINKS​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

CIOMA - California Independent Oil Marketers Association

WPMA - Western Petroleum Marketers Association

PMAA - Petroleum Marketers Association of America

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