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Bulk Fuels


Toro Petroleum owns and operates a fleet of radio dispatched delivery vehicles.  Our services include transportation of bulk fuels, oils, solvents, coolants and miscellaneous other products.  We offer transport (T/T) deliveries, keep full small quantity deliveries, mid quantity bobtail service, contractor wet hosing, common carrier (freight only), and other miscellaneous delivery routines. Additionally we transport large and small quantities of packaged lubricants.  Deliveries include cases, drums, totes, and bulk containers.  For more details please contact your nearest Toro Petroleum office.​​​​

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Bulk Fuel Deliveries:

Toro Petroleum has access to branded and unbranded fuels from Shell, Mobil, Valero, Tosco, Tesoro and numerous independent suppliers. We offer CARB quality fuels for California and Conventional or EPA quality fuels for Arizona. All grades of gasoline, clear and dyed #2 diesels, all blends of Bio-diesel from B100 to B5, autodiesel, kerosene, pearl kerosene, solvents, thinners, aviation gas, Jet A, coolants environmental cleaners, and various specialty products.

For deliveries in the Yuma-Imperial Valley communities please select our sister company, Sellers Petroleum.
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